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You’ll Learn to give your attention to centering in the “I” rather than giving attention and therefore power to the storm.

If you concentrate on the surrounding situation the storm gains intensity.

Conversely if you concentrate on the “I” at the center you’ll remain calm.

WIKIPEDIA defined storms such as cyclones as large and disorganized. Sometimes that’s how your life situations appear.

The process by which the eye of a real storm forms remains somewhat of a mystery.

The “I” of your life storms is no mystery. Learning how to create it and live in it is the purpose of this book.

The eye of the storm over the ocean, can be sunny with no wind; however the waves can come from all directions and converge creating erratic crests and even rogue waves.

In the “I” of your storm you must strive to center your thoughts. You must calm the chatter voices of your mind to truly find yourself at one with your higher self. You’ll experience threats and fear if you don’t know how to live fully in the “I”.

There is a way to remain calm and serene no matter what is going on around you. Sound good? Of course it does.

If you’ll diligently follow the directions and use the tools this book provides, you can learn to live the center of your life’s disturbances. You can remain in the calm “I” of your storm.

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