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Many people have earned my appreciation and my thanks for their influence and for their help. All honored, I thank also my Muse and partner in life, Elizabeth Wolf. I thank also Bill Watkinson who helped me get my feet on the road many years ago, and all of the many traditional elders it has been my good fortune to encounter. Great thanks also to the elders of eras past, whose enduring messages are woven into this ebook, entwined with the voices of contemporary elders. My honor song and tobacco offerings for you all. Peace, SM

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It has been my destiny to travel with many contemporary Native American spiritual elders, and to hear many of the teachings they offer about the Earth and about the era of transition in which we live. This ebook is my effort to distill and then to express some of those wisdom teachings.

The true scope and depth of Native wisdom is generally unknown, and much of what is known is either drawn from the past, or offered out of context. This Soul*Sparks ebook cannot hope to encompass the many levels and great depth of understanding that are part of Native tradition, but it can hint at them, and it can do so in a manner appropriate for our era, and in an enduring context. Some things – basic spiritual teachings like honesty, caring, sharing, humility, and respect – remain constant through all phases and cycles of human and world development.

My aim as writer and compiler is to offer a quintessence of both ancient and contemporary Native wisdom in a coherent, and rhetorically strengthening manner that will be readily accessible for many thousands of people as we confront mounting environmental and social crises in North America, and around the world.

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