Moon Relics

By Michael P. Rogers

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Michael P. Rogers

Check In

The shuttle gently puffed its jets as it made minor orientation adjustments, and settled with the tiniest of bumps on the moons surface. One man disembarked, climbed slowly down the steps of the shuttle and headed for the base camp. As he approached, he shaded his eyes with a gloved hand so as not to be blinded by the glare of the sunlight reflected from the domes which were covered in a reflective material to protect against the heat of the suns rays. He made his way into the airlock, and after a minute or two entered the interior of the first dome, glad to be able to shed his pressure suit which he removed with a sigh of relief.

Professor Patterson, thanks for making the trip. We’ve all been looking forward to your arrival.” said a young woman, smiling radiantly. “You can dispense with the Professor title. Just call me Jack. What’s your name young lady?” he replied in a friendly manner. “Susan Worthing. Pleased to meet you. Call me Sue.” she said, shaking his hand warmly. “I expect you’d like to freshen up a bit. I’ll show you to your quarters.” she said, wrinkling her nose. “Yes that would be much appreciated.” Jack replied, realising he had perspired quite heavily in the pressure suit.

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