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An excerpt from Tomb Violator vs The Slime

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Even now, she started the custom as she stood before the newly discovered treasure in the ruins of an old temple in the jungle. She stripped off her clothes except for the boots and sensuously sank to her knees. She was always so turned on by the discovery that it was all she could do to hold off until she was nude to start playing with herself. Her hands caressed over her sides, moving upward to her round breasts. Her nipples ached so badly. She pinched them roughly, eliciting a low moan of pleasure. Her hands continued upward, moving over her neck and through her hair.

Sighing happily, she gazed at the relic, noting that the engraved statue was awkwardly shaped. In fact, the more she looked at it, the more it looked like a sex toy. She smirked as she licked her lips. Squeezing her breasts while cupping them from underneath, she tilted her head downward while pinching and tugging at her nipples. With an extra little bit of movement, she was able to bring one of her stiff, needing nipples to her own lips. Her tongue teased around it in circles, just bringing her that much closer to her climax. Wrapping her lips around the erect bud, she suckled upon it. The great thing of being able to suck your own tit was that you always knew exactly how you liked it. It was a pleasure that Lily never tired of.

Her other hand let go of the other breast and eased down her body, caressing downward until it arrived at her wet pussy. She loved how soaked she became and how it felt against her fingers. Rubbing against her clit for a few moments, she slowly ventured lower. She could of easily reached her orgasm in just a few moments, but there was no fun in that. She needed to draw this out. It was all part of the ceremony.

Tomb Violator

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