Yosemite National Park: Wonderful Tips To Fully Enjoy This Natural Beauty

By Stephen Williams

SmashWords Edition

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This book is a very good travel guide for anyone planning to visit the Yosemite park. Inspiring and overwhelming, this place will attract you with the true force of a magnet.With the tips provided in this book you will be able to learn the basics of traveling to this natural reservation and you will be able to make the best out of your trip!Probably one of the most mesmerizing and magical such landscapes is that of the Yosemite Park. Icy, old, dignified, this natural reservation welcomes anyone who knows how to treasure the amazing Beauty nature has to offer. This park is not just sightseeing: this park will teach you what TRUE GREATNESS is. Let yourself flow through the fresh air, let your eyes dance in the gorgeous views, let your mind relax. You surely need some relaxation after a long year when stress, daily issues and economic problems have probably gathered in your mind like never before. And the best place to take a mouthful of good, non-polluted air is one of the USA's natural reservations!If you throw an eye on the USA map, you will see a great green oasis in California. This park's history goes back in times, when Earth was just starting to take the shape we all know today. Its cliffs, its falls and its amazing, breath-taking landscapes are now waiting for YOU to visit them. Oh...there are so many things to enjoy there, from the fresh air to the great outdoors activities! There's so much beauty that it is difficult not to feel little and insignificant in front of such old, steady and gigantic grandeur!Did you know that the Northern American continent is not only one of the largest states in the world (from an economic, cultural, political point of view) and that its touristic attractions are not only consisted of the great, flashy, crowded cities, but that there's an amazing Natural Beauty behind them all? USA's National Parks are amazing in their splendor and they will offer something for every type of visitor: you just need to open your eyes and your arms and embrace the power of the American landscapes. Learn important tips about Yosemite lodging, the Yosemite weather and what Yosemite camping can be done the safest way. Keep these tips in mind if you want to have a peaceful, enjoyable vacation down at the Yosemite National Park. Other than that, bring something to take pictures with, or even better, a notebook and a pen, and write down your own story, your own point of view on one of the most important national parks in the USA. Find out useful information on where to stay, how to stay and what to do in the Yosemite Park with the help of this book. Find out the things you should consider before jumping into a car, a train or a plane. Find out what is it that makes this national park so special. Find out where your next vacation will be!

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