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When a surfer is caught inside, he is too far in, and the waves are breaking further out. It can be dangerous in big surf. One such man, who only knew surfing all his life, now found himself in such a dilemma. When his path crosses with a woman who captivates him into submission by breaking the rules he has set for himself, he wonders if the danger is worth the risk. Is the only way to win her back, by dominating her in the bedroom?

In a world of corporate chaos, Jennifer found out as an executive woman the answer to her dating predicament by hiring an elite escort service, one that is owned by the prestigious Trey Masterson, surfer boy extraordinary. His sex appeal and romantic heart, break down the barriers that she has spent a career building. It takes an uncontrollable situation for the two to break all barriers and go in deep both emotionally and physically.

Jennifer swore she would never let a surfer break her heart again, but can she live with one night of wild passion and just walk away or did Trey take her heart with him when she forced him to leave? She has a life lesson to learn, yet with her level of success, she felt complete with her life or did she? She knew how to project herself out onto the corporate world with an air of success fooling everyone, including herself. Somehow, the matter of a man to come home to or even commit to was on her mind more than she cared. She knew she had a few hang ups about men, in particular; she wanted to be in control of them, even in the bedroom. However, one man stole her heart with a simple smile and a flower, causing her to want to open up to the possibilities.

With an opportunity to let their souls ignite with passion; she found that there was more to all of this than she cared to admit. Such as continuing to accomplish her accredited career and admit to herself that her true heart desired a man's arms around her emotionally and physically, which always seemed beyond her reach. Perhaps, she was going to keep it beyond her reach so that she did not have to own up to her true feelings. Pushing a man away when he gets too close to her heart was the safest thing she had ever known. Could she let one particular man into her life knowing he came with a life that she was not sure she wanted to live, all because her love for him was undeniable?

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