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Wild Rice & Chicken Dog Bone Recipe

(Arroz Con Pollo)

Bone Yard Bakery

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Wild Rice with Chicken Dog Bone Recipe
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Vegetables can play a starring role in any dog bone recipe. Plants have formed an essential part of diet since the earliest times. For instance, potatoes are an important source of carbohydrate. Once thought to be fattening, we know that, on the contrary, potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, iron and vitamin B.

Our goal in accepting the challenge was to develop recipes that are not only yummy but packed with nutritional value for our four legged friends. A dog treat line that contains absolutely no poultry or beef by-products meals, no artificial preservatives, fillings, colors, or flavors and at the same time to design recipes so good that every pet -non-vegan and non-vegetarian included - would shuffle their paws to taste them. Our mission is to make each dog treat tasty and healthy.

As a creative food writer, culinary herbalist and cookbook author, we work with food and develop new recipes on a regular basis and we are always striving for tempting treats that are bold, innovative, fresh, easy, and above all else lip smacking delicious. Why shouldn’t our canine friends enjoy the same flavors as we do as long as the ingredients are good for them?

Our recipes are based on honest ingredients with no ‘imitations.” They are original recipes and are spanking new with a new perspective and a healthy respect celebrating the very best of range fed game, organic fruits, herbs and vegetables.

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