Resolve Conflict With One Good Idea

David Evans

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Thank You

There are actually a number of people who have contributed to this book in a variety of ways. I am grateful to all of you!

However I would like to focus on two people in particular, without whom the ideas and material in this book would not have been possible: Judge Allen J. Webster Jr. and Rosanne Jantzi.

I served in Judge Webster’s court in the Los Angeles County Court, under the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, at least one day a week (sometimes more) for almost four years.

During my years in Judge Webster’s court, I was also an employee of the Center for Conflict Resolution, in Pasadena, where Rosanne Jantzi was the Executive Director. She was my immediate supervisor. So during that time I worked for both Judge Webster and Rosanne Jantzi.

And it was during that time that I began exploring the ideas that have culminated in the One Good Idea Method of conflict resolution that I am sharing in this book. So it was a very pivotal time in my thinking, and both Judge Webster and Rosanne Jantzi offered me wonderful opportunities and encouragement. Thank you! I am very grateful to you both.

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