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Cover art by Jonathon Jensen

Author’s Foreword

In my opinion, and the statistics agree with me, mass shootings are a fact of life in the U.S. They have been happening for a long time, and there is definitely no end in sight.

There is also no doubt that this is an uncomfortable subject for most of you. It is a subject dripping with tragedy, pain, and sadness. It is also something for which we can prepare.

Mass shootings are horrible tragedies, and they are incredibly unpredictable. However, tragedies such as this only get worse if we don’t prepare for them. We have fire drills in our schools, and in our homes, and back in the day we even had drills to prepare for nuclear strikes. We train our kids on how to respond when a tornado threatens, and we have standard operating procedures for when a hurricane is coming ashore.

These are all known tragedies that we accept as being part of this world, and that we feel duty bound to prepare ourselves and our children for.

It is time for us all to accept that mass shootings exist, and we can work to lessen the damage when they occur.

Your chances of being caught in a mass shooting are slim, and I am not trying to scare anyone. Instead, I am hoping to help you prepare for that eventuality. Most of the preparation I will talk about is mental, it involves planning and thinking. This book is intended to be a discussion starter and an invitation to ponder the possibilities and your possible responses.

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