1. Your patient is a 88 year old male that comes in with shortness of breath that started suddenly his lung exam reveals clear breath sounds throughout. He is quite dyspneic with a SpO2 of 85% on room air. His heart rate is 135 and EKG reveals a sinus tachycardia. His portable chest x ray is normal showing no evidence of heart failure, pneumonia, or pneumothorax. His CBC and Chem 7 are normal. Which of the following is the best next management options?

A. Apply Oxygen, order an Albuterol Nebulizer, and give the patient Solumedrol 125 mg IV.

B. Apply Oxygen, Give Metoprolol 50 mg PO, and admit to the hospital

C. Apply Oxygen, order a CTA of the Chest, and admit to the hospital.

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