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Table of Contents

A. With the Travel Agent

  1. Contacting The Agent

  2. Introducing Yourself

  3. Explaining The Situation

  4. Asking For Assistance

  5. Asking For Options

  6. Checking On Prices

  7. Asking For Cheaper Fares

  8. Confirming The Airline

  9. Giving Your Mileage Number

  10. Thanking For Assistance

B.At The Airport

  1. Paying The Taxi

  2. Thanking The Taxi Driver

  3. Getting A Skycap

  4. Paying The Skycap

  5. Going Through Security

  6. Checking In At The Counter

  7. Getting Seating

  8. Confirming The Gate

  9. Confirming The Departure Time

  10. Thanking For Assistance

C.At Immigration

  1. Greeting The Immigration Agent

  2. Confirming Your Length Of Stay

  3. Confirming Your Accommodations

  4. Confirming Your Purpose

  5. Thanking The Immigration Officer

D.In The Taxi

  1. Greeting The Driver

  2. Confirming Your Destination

  3. Telling Where You Are From

  4. Confirming The Fare

  5. Thanking The Driver

E.At The Hotel

  1. Greeting The Bell Hop

  2. Greeting The Hotel Clerk

  3. Giving Your Name and Company

  4. Confirming The Length Of Your Stay

  5. Filling Out The Registration Form

  6. Making A Room Request

  7. Confirming Breakfast Procedure

  8. Thanking The Hotel Clerk

  9. Thanking The Bell Hop

  10. Contacting Room Service

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