American Crow

A Short Story by Tim Kavi

┬ęCopyright 2012

TiLu Press | PO Box 91603 | Portland, OR 97291

Smashwords Edition

Brief Introduction

Although this brief little work really needs no introduction, I do want to tell you that what you have here is a Fairy Tale of Urban Decay. I also want to tell you that no animals were harmed during the making of this story.

I should also say that the work is specifically not discriminatory towards crows or any of our avian friends. In fact, I can say that the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is a very intelligent bird and has often been observed engaged in mobbing behaviors and scolding vocalizations even towards humans (usually in the face of threat).

Nor is this work discriminatory towards those who work for social service community agencies. In fact, it is those workers who are often the most dedicated to serving the underserved, disenfranchised, or very poor in cities all across America. Before you chastise me too much, I should also say that I myself spent over 14 years working at such community agencies. What the story does describe is one character who just happens to have worked at such an agency who through burnout or other features of his personality becomes less empathetic than he used to be. This too, is not meant to portray the typical social services worker at all, nor is it autobiographical. This is a work of fiction after all.

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