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Alex Mason and the Smoky forest

The terrible summer

Alex mason is a boy of 11. His parents died because of a mystic, evil warrior, his nameā€¦Salusa. From the attack, he has a scar. On his leg, Alex has a scar in the shape of a horseshoe. Alex has light brown, messy hair and pearl blue eyes. He was often called brownie at his primary school, west Belington primary school.

Ever since his parents died, he has had to live with his Nan and his granddad. His Nan Ely had mouse grey hair, big wrinkles all over her face and sat in her big rocking chair all day knitting and only got up to whack Alex with her cane. Granddad elm had white hair and was almost bald. He too had big wrinkles all over his face. He was up all the time, Locking Alex in his room, Whacking him and sending him to get him things like food and water and gloves and hats and sticks and plates and cups and knives and forks and spoons and all sorts! Alex hated them so much.

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