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Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Search

Chapter Two - Reclamation

Chapter Three - Annihilation

Chapter One

The Search

Blood ran down Valus’ brow as he used every bit of his remaining strength to swing his sword from the ground and high up over his head. Junai, covered in blood, ran with all his speed and strength towards him. Valus fought as though a warrior possessed. His muscles bulged with every action. He waited for the right opportunity, perhaps his last, as Junai moved closer. He began the downward sweep in what seemed like slow motion, and Junai was unaware of the danger he faced. In a blind rage, Junai lunged toward him and his sword pierced Valus’ chest. The blade cut straight through as if it were not a body it was plunging into, but rather a soft piece of fruit. Black fire and mist encircled Valus. The blow was deadly, and they both he knew it.

A smirk came over Junai’s face as he thought of his triumph. It was then that Valus’ flaming blade struck the warlock. The blade slid through Junai’s shoulder and continued to sever him in half. The flames of the sword seared the flesh and burnt cleanly through him. A look of shock came over Junai's face as he slowly fell to his knees and then forward to the ground.

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