Griffith, You Are Going into Space:

By Michael Charton

Prologue A Body Lost in Space:

March 6 2030

Linda Davis frantically waved her arms as she cried out, but her screams were seen but not heard She was drifted further and further away.  

Normally, when people disappear their disappearance is not seen which is why those people are called Missing Persons.  In this case, the disappearance was witnessed.

You may ask, how does one witness a disappearance?  This was not just any disappearance, for Linda Davis was actually Lieutenant Commander Linda Davis of the Royal Navy. The Lieutenant Commander of the International Space Station.

“Help! Can anyone hear me?  Help!” She waved her arms frantically, but no one came.  She screamed, but no one heard.  Seeing the face in the window of the station, she screwed her face up and screamed with the dwindling air in the helmet of her spacesuit. 

“Curse you!  May you always be miserable; in fact more miserable than you already are!  I shall be at peace!  You will not.  You will wish for death that will not come soon.” The last words faded away and then there was darkness.

The face looking out from the station muttered, “Rid of you at last, he’s all mine now.”



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