Episode 24: A Death in the Family

Episode 25 – The Ultimatum

Episode 26 – Loved Ones

Episode 27: A Woman’s Touch

Episode 28: A Room of Her Own

Episode 29: Taking Control

Episode 30: Bowled Over

Coming Attractions

Episode 21: All the Dirty Details

Somehow Scott’s invitation for “coffee” became extended—to the point he stayed at Josie’s house the entire weekend. And it was the best weekend of his life.

They thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, talking almost endlessly, watching movies and old television shows on Netflix, playing with the dog, and trying their damnedest to do every possible sexual position in every possible place in the house. Nothing was sacred—not the bathtub, or the couch, or the kitchen table. Josie liked variety and she liked things a bit rough. Scott endeavored to please her in every possible sense of the word.

Sunday night, Josie’s younger sister called.

“What’s up, Becca?” Josie said, as she answered the phone.

Scott could hear Becca’s response on the other end of the line. “Hey, what’s up with you? Mom said you were ignoring her.”

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