S.j Pinkin’s

diary of everything upside-down, flip sided or just plain wrong!

By the S.A.S

This book is dedicated to raise awareness of the several diseases of Ataxia that can make someone have difficulties in things that we think is completely easy and all can do with a click of our fingers. This book is not meant to be an insult to be who are a bit clumsy, it is to bring a bright side to being unique.. My intention is for you all is too have some great laughs with this bundle of nonsense like I did

S.A.S xxx

Banana Disaster

Sarah-Jane Pinkins is just simply, outrageously unlucky, but as far as the bitter bicker of gossip each Sunday afternoon at the far east country club says, that she speaks of only utter nonsense that even her parents are discouraged.

The only thing that keeps her going is her picture- perfect best friend Stacey Pentwood, she might as well be a modern remake of Rapunzel with her one meter long blonde hair and counting, good thing she’s quite tall for a Fifteen year old otherwise her hair would be dragging with her feet, thinking she might as well die from humiliation. I know right you’re calling BS, but hey nothing is impossible in the no significant town of the sunny state of California, East Woods. I mean just look at Sarah-Jane.

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