By M.B. Forester-Smythe

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Alison Ridgefield glanced at her watch, briskly making her way up the flagstone path to the front door. To her surprise it was slightly open and she could hear an angry voice inside. While her gut was screaming at her to run she knew the right thing to do was stay. This was, after all, an interview.

The mellow chimes of the doorbell brought an end to the loud voices. A second later the door swung open to reveal a very tall, very good looking, very pissed off man. He glared at her in welcome. “What?”

Undeterred she smiled. “I’m Alison Ridgefield and I’m looking for Mr. Cole Montgomery.”

Cole stared at the petite woman in front of him. Good lord she was short! The top of her head barely made it to the middle of his chest! She’d mentioned her name and he belatedly remembered who she was. “Right,” he ground out. “The housekeeping assistant job.”

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