Magnanimity: Making Room for Others

By Grant F.C. Gillard

Copyright 2013 Grant F.C. Gillard

Smashwords Edition

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It was my turn to make the coffee following worship for the Sunday morning hospitality hour, a simple task entrusted to even the most menially-challenged person.

I came in early on Saturday afternoon to set up the coffee maker with the water and the coffee grounds, so when the appropriate time arrived on Sunday morning, the only thing left was flipping a couple of switches and we were in business.

I pulled aside the two coffee makers, one for "real" coffee, the other one for its sisterly substitute, 'decaf.' I wanted to insure we had the real thing served for those who come to demand, expect, and require the chemical stimulant to negotiate the intellectual demands of the day.

After filling two coffee urns with water and grounds, I turned to my wife and said, “There. I'm finished. Let's go.”

“But what about cream and sugar?” she inquired.

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