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Amber snuggled close to Jason in the driver's seat as they sped up I-95 towards New Haven, pulling his arm close against her. "See this is going to be so much better than going to your sister's!" She gushed. "No more fighting, no arguments."

"No decent pizza, no Christmas presents." He teased back. Amber ignored him playfully pushing him away and gazing out her window for a few moments before returning to the game. "No more having to wait until we get home for quiet time. No me nagging you about whether you paid the bills."

"No seeing Lori."

"We'll see her on New Year's."

"I thought we were staying home for New Year's?"

"We are."

" are you going to see Lori?"

"She's coming down."

"When were you going to tell me?" He asked with mock hurt in his voice.

"New Year's." She teased back playfully.

"Oh! I see how it is." He said with a grin. "All you women conspiring against me!"

"Yup. Don't worry, maybe I'll make you a nice play date with one of your man friends when we get back home. Hmm, whose wife can I call to see if they'll let their husband out to play?"

Jason just laughed and wrapped his arm about her, pulling her close and placing a kiss on top of her head as she pressed against him once again.

"You going to call your friend when we get there?"

"Who? Tasha...No, she's going to her Mom & Dad's." She said kissing him. "Which just means more alone time with you."

"You sure I'm up to all this...alone time?" That teasing note back in his voice once more.

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