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I met Cedrick Harris in Kansas City Missouri in the Summer of 2012. Upon meeting him in person for the first time I was driven to the core to succeed by his own 'no job to big' attitude. You can tell it from talking and interacting with him. Whatever the job is, Cedrick gets it done and then some.

Even after having massive success in multiple companies, being on the road for months traveling from one conference hall to the next, I was still able to get Cedrick on the phone through a friend and ask him some hard questions. Most of the questions are about this industry and where he sees it headed in the next 10 years.

I decided to also ask him abut all the common objections that folks
normally get in network marketing and let him answer them!

I think you will find this interview fun to listen to and informative. I had a great time doing it and Cedrick did too.

Enjoy the interview!

Stu Johnson

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