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“Okay, everyone grab a few different crayons,” said Mrs. Gardner while holding up a box of Crayolas at the front of the room. “Try to get a variety of colors,” she added.

Seated in groups of four, the students simultaneously reached for the single box at the center of each of their rectangular tables. Chaos generally erupted as the boys went for blues and blacks while the girls reached for yellows and purples. Meanwhile, seemingly ignoring the words of his teacher, one of the children hoarded as many as he could.

“Colt!” Mrs. Gardner snapped. “Share with your classmates!”

In response, Colt Benton, a boy with shaggy brown hair and rosy cheeks who was twice the size of any of his fellow kindergarteners, pulled dozens of crayons of every color in tight with a sneaky grin stretched from one side of his face to the other.

“No, sir,” Mrs. Gardner said while moving towards Colt's group, “we aren't doing this today.”

Though she was only in her second year of teaching and her personality could be accurately described as bubbly and outgoing, Ashley Gardner had a booming presence and was quick to corral any student obstructing or straying from her lesson plan. The one student who seemed to resist everything she tried on almost a daily basis was Colt. On some days, his antics were hilarious and fun, but, on others, they were a terror.

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