The Vice Principal's Discipline

By JJ Argus

Copyright 2013

Smashwords edition

JJ Argus has written more than 250 novels, and been published in hardcover, softcover, and innumerable magazines and digests. This work is the result of the long, hard effort and creativity of the author. Please do not post or resell it without permission.

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen.

Chapter One

Nicole, Nick to her friends, had no desire to be a cheerleader. In fact, the whole concept of cheerleading offended her. The idea that a bunch of girls would be recruited, pretty girls, of course, to stand on the sidelines while boys played, and cheer them on was so antiquated and sexist she could hardly believe any girl would ever join the squad.

That her little sister Amanda was a member of the squad irritated her to no end. And Amanda's insistence that it was a sport in and of itself only made her laugh and make derogatory comments about a sport which required ultra short skirts and ultra tight tops for the viewers' enjoyment.

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