This book has more than 190 cases that occurred in Yorkshire. By Yorkshire I mean the county of the three ridings (It is this shape that is on the book cover) not the modern local government version. In this book Middlesbrough and Redcar are places in Yorkshire, I use the Genuki gazetteer to define county location, there is a link to the site at the end of the book. There is a snippet of general interest for each day; those starting with a year are Yorkshire related. Those that do not start with a year are related to Britain. I have avoided recent cases as the victim’s families are still grieving but there are two exceptions to this. When police officers have been killed I have included them as we owe them a debt of gratitude. I have also included recent cases where the killer had been convicted of killing before and then killed again. Some of these cases have occurred since my earlier book Yorkshire’s Multiple Killers. If you spot an error you can contact me via Twitter or Facebook (Links at back of the book).

January 1

1891 Ten girls aged between 9 and 14 died after being engulfed in flames when their costumes caught fire during a concert at St John’s School, Lower Wortley.

It was New Year’s Day 1960 and the East House pub in Spital Hill, Sheffield was busy. In the smoke room there was a group of men stood around the piano having a sing song. The pub had got an extension and at 22.45 a man got up and went over to the group, as he got near he pulled out a gun and fired at the men. The gunman then fled out of the back door into the yard, witnesses followed him out and saw him go into the lavatory so they jammed the door to prevent his escape.

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