The yard was now the focal point of a murder investigation. When it was searched a beer bottle was found near to where she had been found, there was blood and some hairs on it. A December issue of the Burnley Express and Advertiser was also found. Further enquiries revealed that Margaret had been supplementing her dole money by prostitution. She had been seen heading towards Robinson Street at 22.25 that night; she kept looking back as if expecting someone to follow her.

On the Sunday, Chief Inspector Collins and Detective Sergeant Ayto from Scotland Yard arrived in the town to help the inquiry. Dewsbury’s Chief Constable, J E Pritchard had asked for assistance as he thought that it would be a hard case to solve. He was right it, remains unsolved. Ten days after the murder a man confessed to the murder but after questioning he admitted he had made it up. In August 1941 another man confessed and appeared before magistrates 4 times before the case was dropped.

January 3

William Joyce "Lord Haw-Haw" was executed at Wandsworth Prison in 1946 for treason.

Mrs Mary Hannah Price, a 31 year old mother of three, had been separated from her husband for five years. On Sunday 18 December 1955 she and her boyfriend Jan Moczygemba, a 28 year old miner employed at Markham Main Colliery, took lodgings in Lowther Road, Wheatley, Doncaster. They had met at the Victoria Hotel in Hemsworth in September and were soon living together and in the following four months had lived in Doncaster, Hemsworth and Stoke on Trent. On Tuesday 27 December she had moved out and gone to live with her mother in Cargrave Crescent, Hemsworth. On Tuesday 3 January Mary went to see her sister in South Kirkby. Jan called for her there and Mary left with him on his motorbike. She did not return to her mother’s house, Mary’s sister and mother never saw her again.

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