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This book is dedicated to

My good friend Paul Ketley.

Thank you for always being there.

The Second Journal of Daniel McCullen is Copyright Stephen Moss-Ennis, 2012. The cover artwork is Copyrighted to Sam Madeley 2012.

November 21st 18--

I had been awoken from my deep sleep by a loud banging on my front door. I need my rest and rose uneasily from my warm bed. It took me a while to realise what was occurring as I was still half asleep as I stumbled out of my bed. I quickly put on my dressing gown and walked down the corridor to the main staircase. The hammering on the front door continued as I descended the stairs. I opened the door to find a group of robed figures. One of which seemed to resemble a man called ‘Stalks’, who was described to me by Jacob. Stalks stood with the others, his hood thrown back and his face barely visible in the light from the lamps his comrades carried. His skin was a deep crimson and scars ran across his face and his eyes were a golden colour, his hair was long and jet-black. I ushered him and his friends to enter the mansion.

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