Daddy is my Valentine


Jocelyn Riske

Copyright 2013 Jocelyn Riske

Smashwords Edition

A gasp escaped from Sara's lips as her fingers plunged in and out of her entrance. Her hips were raised up over the bed, pushing into her own delving hand with needful urgency. Her free hand slid up over her tight naked body, to the hardened nipple of her young breast to tease and tweak it gently.

She hadn't seen her boyfriend Gary in over a month. His new job had him traveling quite often, but he was finally coming home again. And it was Valentine's day too. It was going to be the best Valentine's day ever.

Another gasp escaped her as she brushed a fingertip over her clit. Every flick of that hard little nub made her shiver with excitement and anticipation. Visions of Gary and what they would do together later danced in her mind as she worked herself deeper into a frenzy.

She could feel her pussy spasm around her fingers just as the orgasm triggered inside her. Her head rolled sideways into the pillow in a feeble attempt to muffle the screams of pleasure from anyone else who might have been home. When it was over, her naked body collapsed back down on to the bed in a sweaty, quivering heap.

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