Twisi Diary – a twitter poetry

Irpan Rispandi

Copyright 2013 by Irpan Rispandi

Smashwords Edition


Normal sentence sometimes inadequate to express what we feel. But we can use poem as a container for our emotions explosion.

In this rush hour world, most of us doesn’t have such fortune to sit down on a leather sofa and write down short story, novel or make poem. Then there is twitter, a place to write one sentence or two. And the luxury is, it can be done on the bus or subway.

I use twitter to jot down every flash of ideas that sprang up on my mind or emotions that sting my heart. And I having fun with this.

Then comes up an idea about bookify (funny term eh? ^_^) my tweets, particularly poetry tweets. And here we go “Twisi Diary - a twitter poetry

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