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U.S. Army Handbook for Self-Development

Bonus: Army Leadership FM

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The Army defines self-development as planned, goal-oriented learning that reinforces and expands the depth and breadth of an individual's knowledge base, self-awareness, and situational awareness. Self-development will complement what you have learned in the classroom and on the job, enhance your professional competence, and help you meet your objectives.

The Army accomplishes a wide array of missions in diverse and unusual circumstances around the world. At the same time, the Army is engaged in a massive and accelerated transformation that will infuse new organizations, technologies, and capabilities throughout the Army. To meet the recurring challenges, Army personnel must supplement institutional and organizational training and education with continuous, planned self-development.

Self-development is also important to achieving your personal and professional goals. Maybe you want to qualify for an advanced level in your career or for a different career track altogether. Maybe you lack skills or knowledge. Or, maybe there is something you've just always wanted to learn or become more knowledgeable about. Whatever the case, you can use the information and exercises in this Self-Development Handbook to set your direction for self-development and help you take action.

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