HAZEL HENDERSON, PhD. Futurist, president of Ethical Markets Media LLC., author: Building a Win-Win World; co-author with Daisaku Ikeda: Planetary Citizenship. www.HazelHenderson.com, www.EthicalMarkets.com

“What impressed me most about the The Trust Frequency is that it is written from a higher dimensional awareness and clarity that energetically transfers to the reader. It explains the shift in consciousness unfolding on our planet and how everything is frequency and vibration, and how by releasing assumptions we can choose to vibrate at the higher frequency of love and trust and move into the heart of Oneness. It leaves us with the inspiration and recognition that this is our destiny.”

DEBORAH ROZMAN, PhD. CEO HeartMath Inc. www.HeartMath.com, 

“Neuroscience informs us that changing our minds actually changes our brains. It also is unlocking the brain’s keys to happiness and compassion. The information in this book is urgently needed to move us into the next great human adventure. We stand at the threshold of a paradigmatic shift of consciousness. Learning to live in The Trust Frequency in resonance with the Universe is the way to achieve an upward planetary evolution.”

JUAN ACOSTA-URQUIDI, PhD. Cellular Neurophysiologist. Working with Energy Healers at the Interface of Science and Spirituality. www.EnergyMedResearch.com

The Trust Frequency reminds us to listen and pay attention to the emerging evolution in human consciousness, and to question and explore our collective agreement regarding the story we tell ourselves about the purpose and meaning of being human. The Trust Frequency is truly a great textbook for the cross-examination of a new and ancient model of mind and being, that first must be given context and firm footing in shared reality.”

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