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4 Play
(Sexual Obsessions)

By Kimar Gunn
Copyright 2013 Kimar Gunn
Published Smashwords Edition

Thoughts from the Author

This is another form of poetry that I enjoy writing about. The sexual fantasies and experiences that we all love to indulge in. I believe that sex is an art and can be manifest in different forms from plays, words even the same picture illustrations to tell a story. As I’ve said before in my other book (obsessions of the Heart) that I was thought that poetry comes in many different forms even though some people believe that in order for it to be a poem it must rhyme. I hope this one satisfies your tease buds.

Happy Reading
Rates and comments are welcome because with out them I won’t know what I should improve on to make the readers more entertained.

All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission by the author, quotations are accepted.

Table of Contents

Lets be Nasty

Title: Let’s Be Nasty

Female text:
Touching myself while thinking about you
Staring at the clock eliminating each minute I need you
Getting my self started with the nasty thoughts of you
I love when you spank me like I miss behave (true)

Male text:
I’m getting impatient with the freaky things you do
Picturing you getting started has my heart racing mmm
You know how to get me started ambrosia my favorite food
I’m about to leave now keep teasing me till I get to you

Female text:
I'm glad you’re on your way I was starting to feen for you
Picturing your hard dick rub my clit tease me boo
I’m waiting patiently even though your love is overdue
I’m in my birthday suit ready for a game of screw

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