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The Last Great Outlaw

By Albert Goldman and Steven Hager

With paintings by Bobby Belfiore

copyright High Times 2013

Published by High Times Productions at

EPUB ISBN 9781301808717

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Introduction by Steven Hager

In its early years High Times’ biggest threat to survival was keeping pace with its own runaway success. Then, after the death of founder Tom Forcade in 1978, the magazine was wracked by internal power struggles, and foundered through several changes in identity. By the late 1980s, governmental harassment proved to be the magazine’s greatest threat.

High Times survived because it held an important asset: the truth about cannabis. Unfairly branded as a noxious weed with no beneficial uses, cannabis is, in fact, the most valuable and useful crop known to man, an important source of fiber, fuel, food and medicine since time immemorial. Although High Times has carefully documented these facts for over 40 years, the national media usually chooses to simply ignore us. I hope someday High Times gets the credit the magazine deserves. During my tenure as editor, High Times probably became the most political national magazine in America, a trend inspired in large part by its founder’s own adventures in the arena of political theater. After meeting Jack Herer and publishing the facts on industrial and environmental benefits of hemp, I took High Times on the road to college campuses across the Midwest, and we quickly ignited one of the most vital protest movements of our time. None of this could've or would’ve happened, however, without the trail-blazing of Tom Forcade, who remains the most overlooked figure in the history of the counterculture. Someday I hope Tom gets his due and hopefully this book will help. Tom created the most notorious magazine in the world, a magazine that provoked the most powerful forces in the land, and yet managed to survive decades of repression while many in the print media were folding up all around us.

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