For my Mother, who taught me Literature and Music.

For Sulaiman, a smart and funny Arabian Knight.

For Zahra, a fiery and bright Arabian Lady.

For Maya, an Arabian Princess with attitude.

For Bary, an Arabian Sheikh with style.

Table of Contents:




Chapter 1: Antarah bin Shaddad Al-Abssee - Slavery and Bravery

Chapter 2: Hatim Al-Taaee - Legendary Generosity

Chapter 3: Owes bin Haritha - Gifts and Insults

Chapter 4: Al-Numan bin Al-Munthir - A Lost King

Chapter 5: Abd Al-Muttalib bin Hashim - Sons and Sacrifices

Chapter 6: Ghaelan bin Salamah - Diplomacy and Flattery

Chapter 7: Abu Sufyan and Heraclius - Questions and Predictions

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