On the screen in large print was the question "You want to know how to write the perfect research paper on Lord of The Flies?" Beneath the question on the left was a giant YES button. To the right of the first button was a giant NO. She bit her lip, but did not give it much real thought. The internet was full of important-sounding but useless knowledge, and perhaps this would be another useless detour. Still, why not give it a try? She didn’t think it looked like a trick that would infect her computer. She clicked YES.

At first nothing happened, but then she sat back in her chair and covered her eyes. The back of her head felt like it had a hole in it, and things were getting shoved in through the hole.

The sensation lasted a few moments and then faded. After that there was a tingling at the back of her skull. Then she had a crushing urge to write. She didn’t know exactly what she would write, but she had to write it. She opened MS Word and let her fingers fly over the keys. In the next hour a fully-formed essay on Lord of The Flies seeped from her brain down to her fingers and through the keyboard onto the screen. The essay was meticulous and complete. Even the endnotes and citations were included. She wrote it so fast that she didn’t have time to read it as she composed it, and she had to go back to the beginning to discover what she'd written. Her jaw was hanging once she reached the end the second time.

"Wow," she said. "Wow! This is so awesome! I just have to keep you now, don’t I?" she said. She bookmarked Know-It-All, closed the web browser, and then read the essay over again to make sure she wasn’t imagining things.

It was a pretty big mystery to her where the essay had come from, and the back of her head was a bit sore, but she didn’t worry about it too much. Her weekend had just opened up, and that was good. She printed out the essay so there was no chance of it getting lost to a computer glitch, and then called her friends to go to a movie that night.

She decided not to tell them about the site. She didn’t think she could get in trouble for using it since she had written the essay herself, but she wanted to be careful. No sense flooding the teacher with really good papers to make him suspicious, right? She went to Saw 12 with Marcy, Jane, and Clara. They screamed a lot and gorged themselves on popcorn and Snickers bars, and Jennifer forgot all about her miraculous research paper.

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