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Thanks to Mimichan for her support, advice and love.

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When I write down these words the leaves has turned to a fiery red but when this tale of horror began they were in the greens of spring. It begins like so many other tales with an arrival, this one with mine to the in many ways peculiar country of Japan.

I had been called here by an old friend from my days as a student in Miskatonic University in Arkham.  He was a history and religion major while I studied mainly the sciences with some journalism in the mix as well. His name was Enfield and he always was a strange person. He usually kept to himself pouring over strange books or objects in the extensive library in the University. I got to know him since we shared a room in the premises. It was a strange friendship really and quite a passive one on my part, but over the years he grew on me I suppose.

Aside from the religious and historical items and various events he had a profound interest in Asia and its cultures of both new and old. He used to say that it was “a place where the advances of modern technologies and society had not come at the cost of all old traditions and ways of life.” He often credited that to the fact that there had been no central church over there that would systematically uproot and exterminate all deviants and eventually earning the hate of the scientist that eventually rose up.

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