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Genetic Defilement: An Abominable Reality

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Preface. What Is Defilement?

1. Genetic Defilement:Evidences and Reasons

2.The Blood Issue


4.More Verses Related To Genetic Defilement

Preface:What is Defilement?

Defilement is injury to or loss of sanctity.

Loss of sanctity in turn means corruption or contamination.

An abomination means a cause of abhorrence or disgust. Therefore, if you defile yourself, and do not repent of it, you will spend eternity with the devil in hell, and I'm sure you don't want that. Therefore, (get ready) DO NOT BE DEFILED, and if you have defiled yourself in time past, do repent of it, whatever it may be - blood transfusion, eating blood, or other such things.

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