The Stilwell Family Cookbook (Free)

Science fiction:

Adrift on a Sea of Stars

Earth not Forgotten

The Galactic Time Trap

The Tarden Agenda

In the Image of Gods

The Puppy of Doom and Other Stories

Republic and Empire

Tank (audiobook) in MP3 and CD

Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful


The interstellar war between mankind and the Qwelleron Empire had entered its tenth year. It was only a matter of time before the monster's full might would be brought to bare and complete the conquest. Then the existence of a new alien race was discovered. The rumors were of creatures who possessed super technology. It was a shadow race in the image of gods.

Believing it was their only hope for survival, a starship sets out to find the homeworld of these mysterious beings. Their only clue is a story about a girl who, ten years earlier had found one of their artifacts. With it she had defeated entire battle fleets. If they could find her they might be able to save the human race.

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