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Author Note

Brigid and Matthew were minor characters in my Regency, The Chaperone Bride, and I thought they deserved their own story.


By Marina Oliver

Chapter 1

'You have waited long enough for your wedding journey, so make sure you enjoy it!' Brigid O'Neill said. 'I'm envious. Paris, Vienna, Venice, Florence, and everywhere in between. Now Napoleon's off to St Helena you can travel anywhere.'

Joanna, Lady Childe, smiled at her. 'We had to wait until Kenelm's twins were at school,' she reminded her friend.

'George is at Eton, with his cousin to look after him, and Amelia is already the heroine at Miss Benson's, telling them how she was kidnapped and escaped. She's enjoying the attention.'

Joanna shivered. 'She didn't enjoy it at the time.'

Sir Kenelm came down the stairs to where Joanna and Brigid waited in the hall, followed by his valet, Venner, who was carrying his dressing case.

Venner passed them and went out to see to the loading of the last items of luggage onto the travelling coach. Joanna's maid, Betsy, was already waiting beside it with a cloak for Joanna. Ten minutes later Brigid was waving them farewell as they drove along Upper Brook Street towards Westminster Bridge and the first stage of their journey.

She turned to go back into the house, with Firbank, the butler, and Mrs Aston, the housekeeper.

'Will you go to Miss Sophia's today?' Mrs Aston asked.

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