100 ร้านอาหารอร่อยเยาวราช

Sarawaj Nui

Photographer(s): Pol.. Col.. Sa-nga Thirasaranyanont; Pol. Lt. Col. Songyot Piampatipan; Pol. Maj. Sanont Lertsupochawanich; Chawarin Pengsawat

Advisor(s): Kansiri Mek-kertchu; Thasneeya Tueng-in; Ariya Suwanpripattana

Editor: Wananya Palakavong

Grapic designer: Kaewta Bhovadhi

Proofreader: Asoonnongnoi

Translator(s): Sasiratana Vidhayasirinun; Aaron B. Struhl

ISBN: 9789742280932

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