Chapter 6:


Chapter 7:

New Keepers

Chapter 8:


Chapter 9:

Release of the Emeralds

Chapter 10:

Price of the Emeralds


There were five of them, they were brothers, and they were very, very angry. They sat in a circle, breathing in unison, their hoods drawn over their heads. Finally, one of them speaks with a voice so deep, raw and grated it would frighten anyone who had the unfortunate circumstance of hearing it. “This place has changed greatly since we buried the Flatouc here.” The silence following this statement was one of assent, as well as annoyance. The voice emanating from beneath the hood continued, “There is now a large structure built upon the site we chose a century ago.”
“Yes, we have seen” snarled one of the brothers quietly. The first brother’s head snapped towards the one who spoke out of turn, and silence fell again.
“The structure is a school for the young. We must search it, but we must not bring attention to ourselves” said another of the hooded figures, “and this will be difficult. We are much larger and”, he paused, trying to find the right word, “different than the people in this place.”
“And we do not know how long ago the structure was built. Did these inhabitants build on top of the Flatouc, or did they discover it?” asked another.
“And would they be able to open it even if they did?” Silence again fell between the brothers. The eldest of the five brothers stood up from the circle and removed his hood. Even in the darkness, his white skin shone and his crimson eyes burned with malevolence. “My brothers,” he began, “we have waited long for our plans to come to fruition”, he looked at his companions still sitting on the ground, “and it appears we will have to wait a bit longer. We must proceed cautiously. If anyone in this place had opened the Flatouc, I believe we would know. The power within would be used.” One of the seated brothers hissed his dissent.
“No, my dear elder brother, the contents of the Flatouc was just recently released from the previous Keepers. Even if one of these disgusting creatures had found it, they would not be able to posses the power until now.” The remaining 3 brothers all nodded in agreement, and then looked to their eldest brother, who was now pacing the darkened room. When he spoke, it was with authority and finality.
“We will watch this town, this school, and its inhabitants. We will stay hidden. The Flatouc is here, I know it.” The 5 brothers sit and reflect on how they got here.

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