So you realized that you need change, that your mood influences the way you live your life, the way you act, it influences everything you are. You made the conscious decision to control your mood and not let your mood control you. You realized that you can live a fuller better more efficient life if you learn how to master your mood. To begin you must first analyze yourself, make a list of:

01. Your current feelings by exploring your current state of mind:

-Do you feel angry?

-Do you feel anxious?

-Do you feel depressed?

-Do you feel hopeless? ... etc.

02. What led to this state of mind:

-Did you have a fight at home?

-Are you having trouble at work?

-Did you remember or experienced something sad?

03. What are some things that would make you feel better right away:

-Listening to uplifting music pieces;

-Remembering and re-living a happy experience;

-Having a chat with a good friend or a relative;

-Accomplishing small tasks is also known to make people's mood better... etc.

For more in-depth changes of your mood at will, the model proposed earlier is extremely efficient. Once you make sure that you managed to identify the causes and the ways various stimuli made you feel you will be able to take action and recognize those factors when they are presented to you again.

In conclusion, changing your mood just requires a little patience and a continuous and conscious mental effort that when exercised regularly becomes your second nature.


For someone to grow they must firstly resolve their issues with the past. Let's take a second and think of all the damage we've done by letting our mood control our life. Missed opportunities, family troubles, quarrels with our friends or the lack of personal growth may be just the tip of the damage we've unconsciously done to ourselves. We might feel regret even anger at the wasted time and opportunities, this is a normal reaction but let's not forget that we are doing this so we can further understand and strengthen our motives and will to change. In the previous chapter we understood more about the influence our mood has on our life, and the will we need to have to understand the exact motives and actions that should be taken. Now we need to better understand what causes our mood to change and why being able to control and change our mood at will is so important.

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