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Her lips pursed: it wasn’t like him to question her. "Not my readings Jet, the spectrographs."

"But a three thousand K, metal sphere in the middle of interstellar space; that’s not something you come across very often."

"Sure isn't." Chub, the engineer had come up behind them. "No windows; no doors; no entry points." Chub continued in amazement. "What kind of people would want to put something like that; here in the back-blocks of the galaxy?"

"People?" muttered Jet. "Who said they were human?"

Rosie and Chub looked at him.

"Have you got any readings on how old this part of the galaxy is?"

Quickly Rosie pressed several buttons. "I can't tell for sure, but it's old Jet; very, very old."

"Then whoever they are their civilizations could be eons old too?" Chub whistled softly. "Wow I don’t know if you're thinking what I'm thinking?"

Rosie looked at him in a reprimanding way.

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