Songs With No Melody: A Collection of Thoughts and Prayers In Song Form

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Chapter 1: Preface

Note from the author: Several years ago, I went through a life-changing event. An outcrop from that event was my little black books. My wife picked me up a couple of 3 ½ by 5 ½ Moleskine-type note books. I started keeping one with me at all times. I jotted down thoughts and phrases that I found inspirational or interesting, I drew pictures in them, and thoughts that popped into my head. The little black books became cathartic for me.

It was at about this same time that I taught myself how to play the guitar. I thought, “Well, the chords used in that song are simple! I know that and could write a song too!” So I wrote my first song. The only problem was that my lyrics were what I considered to be pretty good, but the melody was weak, the guitar playing was weaker, and the singing was borderline tone deaf. So I stopped trying to become the next Trent Reznor – I doubt starting at 40 would have made it possible anyway.

So I wrote lyrics. In most cases, I had a specific cadence of the song going through my head, as well as a melody. In some cases, the series of words are more poetic than song lyrics. That said, most of the poems written here are in song form, hence the name of this book. The chapters of the book represent different black books used – filling one up and starting a new one. At some point during the process, I thought I should write down the date that I wrote the lyric.I didn’t start writing down dates consistently from the start, but the lyrics and poems are in the order they were written in the black books and dates are included as part of the title if I wrote them down. If the poem was written to be part of a song, the parts of the song (verse, chorus, etc.) are designated. There are no corresponding designations if it was written as a poem instead of a song. Many are incomplete thoughts and transcribed verbatim into this book.

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