I continue to write, almost daily. Usually I’m inspired by a phrase I hear in a song, by something I hear on TV, or something I read. Then I just clear out the brain and let it fly. In general there are two recurring themes. The first is darkness and pain – many of my lyrics are pretty dark, and quite frankly, a downer. Sorry for that, but God made me who I am and that’s what came out of my brain at that moment in my life. The second theme, speaking of God, is more spiritual and healing in nature. Both topics are with me daily. I hope you enjoy the lyrics as much as I’ve enjoyed healing by writing them down and sharing them with you. God bless.


Chapter 2: Black Book 1

7/5/09 through 8/17/10


My mind is cloudy

Can’t get out of the pain

It is all a blur?

Is it all in vain?

But then you came

I don’t know why

I fight with myself

There was no cry

Wanna do what I want

Trying to please me

Trying to flaunt

Fight to agree

Moved to the dark spot

White light pours in

You poured yourself over me

From where it was dim

I make it so hard

For myself to see

Never stay content


Now I’m not perfect

My mind goes back

To where it was

Tortured and black

But You’re always there

Waiting for me

To get out of myself

And down on my knees

The Next Right Thing

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