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Women Have the Power.

The Golden Honey Pot

M.S. Nola

Empowering women”

With liberation and self-sufficiency that are achieved by the emancipation of women. The key to economic progress in the world lies in unleashing women’s potential. With prominent women of today as role models and collective thoughts that lead to the road of independence.

Women Have the Power

To The Golden Honey Pot

M.S. Nola


Do you remember the days of our youth, high school, those days of yesterday, I admired your compassionate heart, your honesty even in adversity you were always strong and held on to your beliefs and to this day I still remember and never forgotten, so when I was trying to think of the next book I was going to write, I recalled a time when I sat down with CHER at a quiet lounge for a short time. Then I began to listen to some of her songs and watch the videos and I thought of you, and that’s how I got started to write this book.

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