The Boy Who Designed Robots

By H. Jason Schulz

Published By H. Jason Schulz at Smashwords

Copyright © 2010 H. Jason Schulz All Rights Reserved

At the outer rim of our galaxy, in uncharted space the cargo ship Stellar was speeding on its way. The ship was family owned and operated. Not only was this ship the family’s business, but it was also their home. The family consists of Leonard who is the father and Captain. Next there is Ann, who is mother, and also servers as First Mate, and Medical Officer. The oldest boy is named Tom. He serves as Cargo Master and Engineer. The rest of the family are Nancy, Rolly, Jenny and Darren who do what ever they can to help.

Today they were looking for a mining outpost to deliver their cargo to. Leonard and Tom were on the bridge.

“We should be close.” Leonard said. “Check the nav-computer.”

Tom rose from the seat in front of the communication panel, walked over to the navigation computer and slid into the seat. He tapped the button that activated the display. “What the…?” Tom said as the display opened up onto a design for a robot.

“What is it?” Leonard questioned.

“A robot.” Tom answered.

Immediately Leonard knew what had happened. You see, Darren, their youngest liked to design robots. In fact, he would use any computer that he could find to do it. And today, it just happened that he had used the nav-computer.

“Start back up the navigation.” Leonard said as he shook his head. “How far are we off course?”

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