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What readers are saying about

The Peach Tree Limb:


Pete Strupp, who lives and works in Taiwan

“It is awesome. I can see the Little Rascals all over.

Should be a movie.”

Sandy Watson, owner of a daycare business in Virginia

“The Peach Tree Limb gives insight into one growing up in a by gone era.  The humor, color, and stories remind me of my own days from childhood.  It gives freshness to a period that at times has begun to fade in our memories.  It is great reading and I recommend it to all.”

Ronald L. Rushing, pastor, Tucson, Arizona

“Bravo! This is a brave book and a wonderful book.”

Valeri Marsh, author, Scottsdale, Arizona


Ladelle Peabody, music director, Teen Challenge of Arizona

And after she had just read the first segment, The caboose hurt:

“That was a cute little chapter!  It's like the Andy Griffith show in 2.5 pages. ;-)”

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