The Fate

of Humanity

Published by Alex Pennington at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Alex Pennington

The day was dark and cold. The wind blew menacingly around the Research and Discovery Corps HQ just outside the nation’s capital. Captain Terry McMillan entered the towering structure for what would soon become the mission of his life. The concept they were preparing to experiment with was unprecedented, and never before attempted. He and Second Lieutenant John Carter would be entering the RADC Timejumper. The Timejumper was supposedly capable of sending the duo into the future, possibly hundreds of years so, to attempt to recover advanced technology for the United States.

The second doorway slid open as the one behind him closed. He was nervous, despite his years of training for high-stress situations, this one still had him on edge. He was putting his training, his safety, his life… in the hands of a machine. He walked through the dull concrete hallway and entered an elevator. The Timejumper was located nearly twenty stories above the ground, a well thought out notion. It was predicted that there could be substantial change in the landforms within one hundred years, and as such, they did not want the machine to be stuck deep underground. Instead, they planned to allow it to drop from above, or if they were lucky, still be in the tower.

He shifted uncomfortably in the elevator, but at last arrived at the top story. He walked into the metal-coated area, seeing men in white lab coats all around, as well as Major Quinton, the military officer in charge of the operation.

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