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Stone Maiden

Fire Maiden


Tina Gerow

ISBN: 978-1-927476-27-7


Published By

Books We Love Ltd.

Chestermere, Alberta


Copyright 2012 Tina Gerow

Cover art by Michelle Lee 2012

Fire Maiden

Stone Maiden Prophesy

Raise the son of your blood, and he will champion for good. Raise the daughter of your destiny, and she will swallow the world in darkness. If you cease to exist before your fated time, the son of your blood will avenge you with great rivers of dark blood, and the heavens will shine on him. An ancient force for evil who would betray his kind to swing the pendulum toward good…Should the secret seed be revealed before the appointed time, the destruction will be two fold. Convert the secret seed of darkness before the child of blood is birthed and evil shall reign. Dark Redeemer, the one you seek equals your power, and it will eventually come down to a choice between yourself and the one you hold most dear.

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