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Alpha Male: Book One

©2013 Raminar Dixon Erotica

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All characters represented within are eighteen years of age or older and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. None of the characters engaging in sexual activities are blood related. This work is property of Raminar Dixon, please do not reproduce illegally.


Read an excerpt:

“What’re you- Let me go!”

“Just calm down.” His fingers were like iron. No matter how I thrashed, I couldn’t break free from his grip. I screamed as loud as I could, only to have Garrick cover my mouth and silence me in an instant. “You don’t need to scream, human.”


I writhed in his grip again, to no avail. “Relax, Chloe. They aren’t going to hurt you.”


He held me there against my will and I watched as more of the things entered the clearing. First two, then three, then five more of them came out into the open. Each one lumbered past the bonfire and assembled before me at the front of the cabin. All of them had fur as black as midnight, and one had white paws that looked as if they had been dipped into a can of paint. I could smell them, too; a scent like the musty earth of the forest combined with the smoky, ashen odor of the bonfire. Their eyes were a burning, primal yellow – the same golden hue the belonged to apex predators.

Garrick grabbed me by the chin and directed my gaze to his. The previously brilliant blue of his eyes had shifted, and now they were the same golden yellow as the wolves. “Know this; I am going to use your body, Chloe Perkins. You can fight me if you wish, but if you go easy, you will find more pleasure than you’ve ever known.”

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